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BEY false eyelashes 3D Mink

No one is perfect, but your lashes can be! Bey 3D Mink False Eyelashes is a high-quality handmade false eyelash that suits every occasion. The hunt for the perfect lashes is over, these false lashes will take your lash game to the next level.

The lashes are made of 3D Mink of the highest quality, can be used up to 30 times with good care.

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No one is perfect, but your lashes can be! Bey False Eyelashes is a high-quality handmade false eyelash that suits every occasion. False eyelashes have a fluffy, graceful and mobile design and are easy to apply. The lashes can be reused up to 30 times with good care.

Material: 3D Mink


To apply false eyelashes:

Be careful not to get any lash glue in your eyes. If this happens, rinse your eyes immediately.

  1. Formation of false eyelashes. Adjust the shape of the fringe to your own eyes. The lashes may sometimes need to be trimmed so that they fit better on your eyes.
  2. Apply the glue. Apply glue to the base of the eyelash, then place it on your own lash line. Remember not to use too much glue, and to let the glue become a little sticky before applying the false eyelashes.
  3. Application of false eyelashes. Now place false eyelashes with glue on in the middle of your own lash line, and then gently press down the sides so that they attach along the entire length of your own lash line. Then keep the fringe for a while, so that the glue has time to dry. Use tweezers for easier and more precise application. Apply Eyeliner at the lash line if needed.


Removal of false eyelashes:

When it is time to remove false eyelashes, it is important that you do this carefully to protect both your own lashes and false eyelashes.

  1. Carefully remove the false eyelashes by slowly pulling on the lash band in the base false eyelashes. Never pull off false eyelashes quickly, to prevent your own lashes from being pulled along.
  2. Sometimes glue residue can follow and stick to the lash. Carefully remove these using a clean lash brush or tweezers to gently remove the adhesive residue. If this is done too quickly, the mink hair on the lash can follow and destroy the lash. Do not soak the lash, as this will destroy the fluffiness of the lash.
  3. Then put the false eyelashes back in the Fairwithlashes package, to protect them until they are used again.

Taking good care of your Fairwithlashes 3D Mink lashes is crucial for them to be reusable. If you take care of your Fairwithlashes, you can use them about 20-30 times.

The hunt for the perfect false eyelashes is over, these false eyelashes will take your lash game to the next level. Order your false eyelashes online, we have fast delivery!

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Kvalité & Garanti

Svenska: Kan återanvändas upp 20- 30 gånger vid god skötsel

English : Can be reused 20-30 times with good care

Norsk: Kan brukes på nytt 20-30 ganger med god pleie

Dansk: Kan genbruges 20-30 gange med god pleje

Suomalainen: Voidaan käyttää uudelleen 20-30 kertaa hyvällä hoidolla

Deutsche: Kann bei guter Pflege 20 bis 30 Mal wiederverwendet werden

Color Svart
Length 70cm
Structure Please select
Qyality Luxury
Private Product No
Lace size 5
Lace color Hd
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