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The differences between sew in, keratin and tape

Many ask us about the differences between the 3 most common hair extension methods, here is a summary.


Hair Extension with Tape Hair:

The tape method gives you a hair extension in a simple and gentle way. It is a method with small transparent pre-taped pieces that look just like your scalp. This tape is specially adapted to be attached to the customer's hair and is not harmful at all.


Advantages of Tape Extensions: The tape parts / tape mounts become very flat, which means that they are barely visible or felt. Suitable for you with thin hair.


Disadvantages of Tape Extensions: The tape parts / tape extension must be replaced every 5-6 weeks, which can be expensive in the long run.



Hair extension method: Sew in hair extensions

Sewing in loose hair is starting to become a very popular hair extension method as more and more people, with different types of hair, are discovering the method. The hair extension is done so that you braid your own hair where you want to place the hair extensions, and then sew on hair extensions on the braid with the help of thread.

This method is the most gentle method, and fits virtually all different textures and types of hair.


Advantages of hair extension sewing in hair extensions: Sewing in hair extensions is a very gentle method as no chemicals are used on your own hair and since your own hair is braided, it is allowed to rest and is hardly exposed to any wear. You can use hair dryer, straightener, color and blow dry the loose hair, without damaging the braids and the bracket. The hair extension also looks very natural and often blends in well with your own hair.


Disadvantages of hair extension sewing in hair extensions: It can take time for the hair and hair extensions to dry when washing. Shampoo residue can also get stuck in the braids that the loose hair is attached to, so you should rinse thoroughly to avoid bad smells. It may even itch a little at first.



Hair extension with keratin, Nail hair extensions:

Keratin wax loops are the most used hair extension on the Swedish market today. Keratin wax loops, also called Nailhair Extensions, are glued loops with keratin on. The keratin loops are attached to your own hair using a pair of pliers.


Advantages of keratin / Nail hair: This hair extension method is very airy, which makes it easy to do different hairstyles. This method can be done on virtually all hair types except curly African hair.


Disadvantages of keratin / Nail hair: If the extension is not taken care of well, the hair can easily become tangled and tangled. You can then lose curls and this can then be very tiring for the hair. This can happen regardless of the quality of the loose hair. Care must be taken to use heat too close to the brackets, as the keratin may melt.