Hair Extension methods

Different Hair Extension Methods

Welcome to our site where you will find out most about loose hair, hair care and hair extension! The purpose of this site is that you as a customer should get some tips and answers on what you wonder about within hair and extension.

There are many different hair extension methods on the market. Below, we will try to describe the advantages and disadvantages of the different hair extension methods, to try to guide you to the hair extension method that suits you best.

  1. Clip-on Set Hair Extension Method

    Hair extension with Clips on hair or clip in is loose hair, is a hair extension with clip clips. The hair extension method is great for those who want a temporary hair extension, if you want to do something nice for an evening or just have it on a special occasion. The hair extension is easy to attach and remove.

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  2. Sew in Hair Extension method

    Sewing in hair extensions method is becoming a very popular hair extension method as more and more people, with different types of hair, discover the method. The hair extension is done so that you braid your own hair where you want to place the extra hair, and then sew on the hair extensions on the braid with the help of a thread. This method is the gentlest method and fits virtually all different textures and types of hair.

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