Wig real human hair

Wigs made of real human hair are giving you the most natural look. They are soft and have a shine and movement that is not possible with synthetic hair. Real hair wigs are also very versatile, they can be cut, styled, colored and customized 100% to suit your personal taste. Real hair wigs cost a bit more, but with the right care, they are also more durable.


We have two different types of real hair used in our wigs: Luxury hair (Brazilian hair) and Basic hair (Indian hair). The majority of all wigs available on the market are made from Basic hair, as Indian hair is available in larger offerings and is cheaper - it can often be found in "cheap" wigs.



Different Quality of our Wigs real hair:

What distinguishes our wigs from other wigs is that Fairwithhair's wigs made of real hair are made of 100% real hair of high quality and can be dyed, flattened, curled and styled as desired. When washing, the hair always returns to its original shape, i.e. straight, wavy, curly or frizzy again.


Fairwithhair Luxury Quality consists of Brazilian Remy hair extensions with strong, soft and shiny hairs and it is the most exclusive hair extensions on the market today. A wig of this hair is for you who place high demands on quality and longevity. Due to the high quality of the hair, it can be bleached, dyed, flattened, curled and styled without any problems. Our hair extensions consist of 100% real hair and can be reused for 1-3 years if cared for well. Therefore, our Luxury hair extensions cost more than regular hair extensions, but it pays off in the long run as the quality is superior and you do not have to buy new hair so often.


Fairwithhair Basic quality is made from an Indian hair extender which is a soft and shiny hair with acceptable quality. Fairwithhair Basic hair extensions consist of 100% real hair and can be dyed, curled and styled with heating tools. Basic hair extensions are chemically treated to achieve the right quality, color and style. Basic hair is a good and affordable alternative to our more luxurious hair extensions and with the right care can last up to a few months.


Front Lace Wig Model:

A Front Lace Wig of real hair differs from a regular wig in that the outer parts of the Lace wig (i.e. what is normally seen on the forehead, temples, around the ears, etc.) are hand-knotted on a thin Lace net. This part of the Lace wig makes the wig look very natural and can barely be felt as it is very airy, comfortable and breathes well through the fine net. The back of the wig is machine-sewn, in an airy and hollow design. In the neck, the Front Lace wig also has adjustable buckles that are sewn into the net, which makes it possible for you to adjust the size of the wig yourself. The Lace wig is incredibly flexible, and you can easily style it to the hairstyle you want for the moment. For example, you can have your hair combed back, middle legs and bangs without a wig edge being visible.


Full lace wig model:

Fairwithhairs Full Lace wig is the perfect option for you who want a wig that can be styled in many different ways, looks very natural and is of the highest quality. A Full Lace wig is handmade knot by knot, which makes it look like the hair is growing out of one's own scalp. A Full Lace wig differs from other Lace wigs in that the entire wig has a Lace bottom, and not just the areas around the hairline. With a Full Lace wig, you can style your hair exactly how you want as no edges or braids are visible. This allows you to have any hairstyle, which is something that is very difficult, if not impossible, to achieve with traditional wigs.


What does a wig with real hair cost? - A wig of real hair costs SEK 5500 -19000kr depending on length and model.


What kind of grant can you get for a wig if you have cancer? - Stockholm County Council (Landsting/Region) provides a grant of SEK 5,000 per year and patient. If you buy a wig that costs more than the grant from the county council, you pay the difference yourself.


How does it feel to have a wig? - The use of a wig does not normally damage the hair or inhibit hair growth. It is possible that it feels a little uncomfortable if you are sore on the scalp when the hair grows out. There may also be a few more challenges associated with getting the wig to sit if you have relatively much hair.


How to make the wig sit properly? - There are many ways to attach the wig so that it fits firmly. Glue, tape or clips, so you can feel safe. Some of our wigs also have a strong anti-slip edge that makes the wig to stick firmly.


Can you flatten a wig? - Our wigs made of real hair can be flattened and curled. It is important to use heat protection.


Can you wash a wig? - Our wigs made of real hair can be washed, you should in fact wash your wig to rebuild it and give it the care it needs. Just like your own hair.


Can you sleep with a wig? – Yes, you can sleep with your wig.