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Luxury Straight Lace Closure

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With Fairwithhair Straight Lace Closures you can easily achieve a natural and luxurious result and with highest quality. A Lace closure gives you a natural scalp and hairline, as it looks like the hair strands comes straight out of your scalp.

Fairwithhair Lace closures is made of 100% genuine Remy high quality human hair and is the choice for those who place high demands on quality. Order your Lace Closure today and experience the feeling and difference with good hair extension!

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Luxury Straight Lace Closure

A hair extension with a Lace Closure looks very natural because the Lace closure is handmade knot for knot, giving the illusion that the hair comes out directly from your scalp. A lace closure is used to close the hair extension at the forehead and is also a great tool for those who want to hide a bald spot on their head, have problems with bald spots, thin hairline and is a way to protect and let your own hair under the closure rest for a while.

All hair used in Fairwithhair Lace Closures is 100% genuine high-quality human hair. The hair is also untreated so you can bleach and dye your Lace closure to the colour you want. The hair extension can be flattened, curled and styled as desired and when washing, the hair extension always returns to its original shape, i.e. straight, wavy, curly or frizzy again.


Structure: Straight hair

Quality: Tangle-free, can be dyed. The hair extension is 100% genuine Remy hair 


Care advice Lace Closure:

It is important to always use a heat shield when you flat, curl or blow dry the hair to reduce wear and to ensure that the hair retains its quality and shine for as long as possible. And be careful with the bottom of the lace closure mesh when combing and styling your hair, as the knots are handmade and delicate. We have no guarantee on how long a lace closure will last. Therefore, take good care of it.

Always use low heat on styling tools, as this will help maintain the quality of the hair. A lace closure should be brushed daily, but not too heavily, as the hair does not grow back like your own hair. Tangles should be carefully handled as not to damage the hair. Use a hairbrush made for hair extensions. Use gentle styling products while styling and working with your hair. You can then finish with a harder spray.

Your lace closure hair extension needs good care to stay lean and fresh for an extended period of time. Use our recommended hair care products for hair extension to ensure the best possible care and quality of your hair. We cannot guarantee the quality of hair extension when using other products that may contain ingredients that are not compatible with hair extensions.


With Fairwithhair Lace Closure, you get a natural and beautiful result, with highest quality. Buy your Lace Closure today!