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Sew in loose hair - the most gentle method, is suitable for you who want to lenghten or thicken your hair in a gentle way. When using the sew-in method, your own hair is braided close to your scalp with a small amount of synthetic hair, before hair strands are sewn onto the braid, using a needle and thread. Therefore, sew in is ideal for you who wants to grow your own hair, since this method gives your own hair a chance to rest, while you get a beautiful and natural hair extension.

Sew in hair extension lasts up to 2-3 months, before you need to take it out, redo the braids and put the extensions back in, to which our hairdressers are more than happy to help you with!

For more information and to book an appointment, you can reach us on 0764159000 where our colleagues will be more than happy to help you!