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6 Dutch braids are an easy-care, practical, stylish hairstyle that allows your hair to rest. When we braid your hair, we also braid in synthetic hair extensions, which makes the braids firmer and last longer. The service of 6 baked braids includes synthetic hair in any color.

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Outbaked braids are a great option for those who want to put the brush down for a while and let their hair rest. These braids are easy to care for and practical, while giving you a stylish and comfortable hairstyle. When we braid your hair, we also braid in synthetic hair, which makes the braids firmer and longer lasting. Outbakedbraids mean that your own hair, along with synthetic hair is braided together close to the scalp from the top of the head, down to the nape of the neck and then the rest of the braid is left to hang loose. You have the option to choose the colour of your synthetic hair. Since our synthetic hair comes in a variety of colors, you can easily create a unique, cool look! This method lasts up to 2-4 weeks, depending on care.

It is advantageous to sleep with a sleeping cap or shawl on your head, as this will keep the braids looking good for longer.

This service includes:
- 6 outbaked braids.
- Syntheic hair in your choice of colour.

Things to consider before your appointment:
- Come with freshly washed hair, washed with shampoo only. 

- No later than 24h before set appointment, thereafter 50% will be cherged no matter the reason.
- Cancellation can be made by phone during our opening hours.

NOTE! Sms, email or DM via social media is not accepted!

See before and after pictures:

NOTE! Can not be combined with other offers.  

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This is how you should take care of your braids in the best way!

When braids are newly made, they are stiff. During the entire period you have braids, you should try to ensure that the braids remain hard and stiff, as this increases durability. This is done most easily by applying mousse and or hairspray in between and after each time you wash your hair. You can massage a little argan oil into the scalp to avoid a dry scalp.


How often can you wash the braids?
We recommend that you wash your braids 1-2 times a week. It is enough to wash the braids with just water. You can add little shampoo, but then it is important to rinse out all the shampoo, so that it does not remain in the hair. When you have braids, you should not use a treatment or conditioner. When you wash your hair, you should always dry your hair with a hair dryer afterwards.


How do you sleep with braids?
When you go to sleep, you braid all the braids together into a large braid, we recommend that you sleep with a wide headband or sleeping cap. By protecting the braids from rubbing against each other, they stay nice longer.


How to take out braids?
The fastest way to take out the braids is by cutting them exactly where your own hair ends. And then just start braiding out the braid until all the synthetic hair is completely removed. When all the extra hair is gone, your own hair looks frizzy and curly, brush through your hair thoroughly and wash it.