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Sew in Hair Stockholm

Sew in Hair Extensions Stockholm

Sew in hair, Sew in hair extensions method

Sew in hair extensions means that a thin braid is formed close to the scalp, and then a hair braid is sewn on top of that braid. The hair extension method is very popular because it is an incredibly versatile and gentle hair extension method that easily gives you an even and full result. The number of braids that are braided depends on whether you want a hair thickening and or a complete hair extension. The sewing in hair extensions method lasts up to 2-3 months.

For questions or help with booking a hair extension, you can call 0764159000.

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Sew in hair extensions Stockholm - Sew in Hair Extensions Stockholm

The sewing in hair extensions method is also called "braiding in hair extensions" or "sewing in hair extension lines". The hair extension method sewing in hair extensions is very popular because it is a gentle method, which without problems gives you a long and full hairline. The hair extension gives a durable and very natural result regardless of hair type. Sewing in hair extensions is one of the most popular hair extension methods with us at Fairwithhair. Sewing in loose hair is a very sought-after method, as it gives you a nice result that lasts a long time, but at the same time gives you a gentle hair extension.

Sew in hair extensions to suit everyone, the most important thing is to go to an experienced weaving hairdresser.
The shelf life of the method is up to 2-3 months. If you have bought high quality hair extensions, you can reuse the hair extensions many times.

Our different hair braids:

Luxury hair braid Brazilian - Highest quality

Fairwithhair's hair braids made of 100% genuine Brazilian hair extensions have strong and shiny hairs. The loose hair is 100% untreated (virgin hair) and consists only of real hair. Since the hair extensions come from countries where people have naturally dark hair, some hair extensions are dyed and adapted to different colors to suit different hair colors and shades.

Brazilian hair extensions are one of the most popular hair extensions on the market, which makes Fairwithhair's Brazilian hair extensions an obvious choice for those who are looking for genuine hair extensions of the highest quality. Fairwithhair's Brazilian Luxury hair extensions consist of 100% real hair that has not gone through a lot of chemical processes to become smooth and soft. The loose hair is thus already very smooth, tangle-free and has strong strands naturally. Luxury hair extensions can be styled, dyed and bleached without any problems.

Basic hair braid Indian - Medium quality

Fairwithhair's hair braids of Basic quality are a soft Indian hair extensions with glossy hairs. The loose hair consists of 100% real human hair that has been chemically treated to produce the loose hair different colors and its quality. After washing, the real loose hair can get an easy self-fall.

We at Fairwithhair always recommend that you book a free consultation, where we can help you choose the hair extensions that are best for you.