Braids Stockholm

Make cool braids or Rasta braids with us!

Braids in general are a very easy-care hairstyle choice. The great thing about braids is that it is only the imagination that sets the limit for how you can look in your hair!

You to make braids with only your own hair or use synthetic or real hair extensions. Choose between different braid styles and let your imagination flow! We can proudly say that we fix most things!

For questions or help with booking a hair extension, you can call 0764159000.

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Rasta braids, Box braids, Cornrows

Braids are an easy-to-handle and hairstyle choice. Braids such as box braids, rasta braids, cornrows, baked-in braids, etc., allow you to lay down the brush for a few weeks and get a nice look that does not require anyone's styling. Most braids are gentle on the hair as your own hair can rest in the braids.

We at salon Fairwithhair perform most braids and can make different braid styles with and without hair extensions. You can therefore choose to braid only your own hair or use synthetic hair extensions or real hair extensions. You can mix colors, add hair jewelry such as pearls.

Let your imagination run wild and get your braids made by us here at Fairwithhair!