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Tape hair extension Stockholm

Tape hair extension Stockholm, Tape Extensions!

Tape extensions

A hair extension with tape hair extensions is one of the most popular hair extension methods today. The hair extension method is suitable for all hair types, but is especially gentle for those of you who have thin and fine hairs. With Tape Loose Hair, you can do a full hair extension, but the method also works well if you only want a hair thickening. The tape method gives you a very natural extension or thickening with very flat brackets. A hair extension with tape hair extensions lasts for about 6-8 weeks.

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Tape / Tape extensions

A hair extension with tape hair extensions gives you a natural and full result. Due to the flat and discreet tape brackets, the brackets are barely visible and the tape loose hair blends in easily with your own hair. By buying a tape of hair extensions from 100% real hair extensions, you can reuse the hair extensions many times without having to buy a new one. This is a better choice in the long run and will give you a more beautiful result on your tape hair extension for a longer period of time. After 6-8 weeks, you need to move the brackets up again. A hair extension with tape hair extensions is one of the most popular hair extension methods, as they both give you fullness, length but also a very natural result.

Our tape extruders are sold in two different qualities:

Brazilian Tape Loose Hair - Luxury Quality

Our Brazilian Tape hair extensions have fine, strong and naturally shiny hairs. The hair extensions consist of 100% genuine untreated hair extensions. Since the hair is originally dark, it is dyed to suit your particular hair.

Many people believe that Brazilian hair extensions are among the best and most exclusive hair extensions available, as this Brazilian hair extensions are a very popular choice among customers who want the highest quality. Fairwithhair's Brazilian hair extensions consist of 100% real hair and have naturally fine and strong hairs that have not been treated with chemicals such as Teflon and silicon to become silky smooth and tangle-free (also called Virgin hair). The hair is already in its natural state is very strong, shiny, soft and tangle-free.

Indian Tape Hair - Basic Quality

Our Indian Tape hair extensions are a soft and shiny hair extensions. The Indian hair extensions are chemically treated to achieve the right quality, color and style, which makes it suitable for most hair types. The real loose hair is straight and often gets a light natural self-wash after washing. It is originally dark and has been dyed to the different shades we offer to suit your particular hair.

We always recommend that you book an appointment for a free consultation before your hair extension, where we look together at which hair extensions best suit your needs.