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Here you will find Fairwithhair's real hair wigs, made of 100% real hair of high quality. We offer an assortment with many models, different qualities, lengths and colors so that you can find the wig that gives you that little something extra. You also have the opportunity to customize your own wig to get the wig you've always dreamed of! A wig made of real hair suits you who want a natural wig, good quality, longer durability, nice fit and a feeling of authenticity on your hair, because wigs with real hair fall beautifully and give a simple and natural impression. Wigs made from real hair can be dyed, styled and shaped just the way you want without any problems.

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  1. Luxury Fringe Wig
    As low as $437.89
  2. Custom create your Wig
    As low as $1,096.35
  3. Luxury Closure Wig
    As low as $712.25

Benefits with Hair bonnet

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Wig cap - Wig accessory

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