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Hairdresser in Stockholm, specialist in hair extensions, hair extensions and wigs!

At the Fair with Hair salon, we specialize in hair extensions and hair extensions and perform various types of hair extension methods. With the customer in focus, we try to find the most suitable hair extension method for you!

We at Fairwithhair only use our own remy hair extensions, Fairwithhair Luxury Hair Extensions. This way we can guarantee the best quality of your hair extension or hair thickening. We work with methods such as sewing in hair extensions, weaving, keratin wax, clips, braids and tape. Our goal is to offer beautiful hair extensions and offer a fantastic real hair extensions in our store in Stockholm, which both lasts and gives you the natural, full and exclusive feeling.

You can book an appointment online or call us on 0764519000 and we will help you!

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  1. Boka Barnflätor
  2. Boka Full Weave Isättning & Återinsättning
  3. Boka JÄTTE SMÅ Rastaflätor Stockholm
  4. Boka SMÅ Rastaflätor Stockholm
  5. Boka Stora Rastaflätor Stockholm
  6. Book 6 dutch braids
  7. Book Full weave - 40cm hair extensions
  8. Book Full weave - 50cm hair extensions
  9. Book Full Weave - 60 cm Hair Extensions
  10. Book Full Weave - 70 cm Hair Extensions
  11. Book Men's braids
  12. Book Sew in hair
  13. Book Sew in hair 40cm hair extension
  14. Book Sew in hair 50cm hair extension
  15. Book Sew in hair 60cm hair extension
  16. Konsultation Frisör, Förlängning & Färg
  17. Kostnadsfri Konsultation Peruk äkta hår
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Hairdresser in Stockholm, Specialist in hair extensions.

We are the largest in Sweden for hair extensions, hair extensions and keratin treatments and we are also Wellas Spezialisten auf on hair coloring.

In the salon, we use our own remy hair extensions, Fairwithhair Luxury Hair Extensions, which is a 100% genuine hair extensions of the highest quality. The real loose hair is tangle-free, soft and moves just like your own hair would do. With Luxury hair extensions, you can easily get a beautiful and natural hair extension / hair thickening. We perform hair extension methods such as sewing in hair extensions, Webb, Tape, Keratin wax, Braids and Clips.

The relaxed and professional spirit inside the Fairwithhair hair salon in Stockholm is well known and attracts people from all over Sweden to visit us. We maintain a high quality of our work and the environment invites many bees to stay for a while extra after their treatment or bees to come by on a spontaneous visit. Therefore, do not be surprised if you come across a famous actress, Künstler or a talkative blogger, who sits and hangs in our chill corner.

Our hairdressers have extremely extensive experience of hair extensions, and we have made ourselves known in Stockholm and in the rest of the country for our very affordable hair extensions and hair thickeners. We have been performing hair extensions for over 10 years and there are few salons that can measure up to our knowledge and expertise.

In addition to being a complete hair store in Stockholm, you can also book an appointment for a free consultation in hair extensions, wigs and hair care. We feel that this is the best way to be able to go through different real hair extensions in peace and quiet together and find out which real hair extensions fit only the grab, your hair and how you want it.
We are proud to be almost the only hair store in Stockholm that offers installments on all purchases and services directly in the hair extensions store. You as a customer can choose to pay by invoice, installment, cash or card. We want it to be easy and economical to shop with us.