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Kostnadsfri Konsultation Peruk äkta hår

Kostnadsfri Konsultation Peruk äkta hår

Konsultation Frisör, Förlängning & Färg

Konsultation Frisör, Förlängning & Färg 25 5 5 1

A free consultation is for you who are curious about which hair extension method that would suit you! We are more than happy to help you find the perfect color match, and the perfect method that will suit your own hair the best!  

For those of you who seek advice regarding colouring, are more than welcome to book this service as well. We have hairdressers who are more than happy to help and advise you on how you can get the hair colour of your dreams!




You can book by calling 0764159000 or online here:



Anyone wishing to book an appointment for hairextensions, should book a free consultation first, for optimal service. The consultation will give you the opportunity to get answers to all of your questions, such as colour, method of hair extension, quality and much more. 

It is very important that you visit us before you book an appointment. We will not be able to guarantee that we have the right colour and lenght for you, specifically, if you do not come in for a consultation before your visit. If you live far away from Stockholm, or if you are unable to visit us for any other reason, then you are more than welcome to book a consultation over the phone.  

The consultation is free of charge to ensure that you get all the help you need to find exacly what you are looking for, this is for your own benefit!

This consultation is only for you who have questions about hair extensions and colours. If you are interested or have questions about wigs, or other services, then you need to book a consultation for specifically that. 


OBS! This consultation is not for wigs!


Book a consultation:

You can book by calling: 0764159000


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