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Full Weave is suitable for those who want a full and beautiful hair extension in a gentle way. Full Weave means that the majority of your own hair is braided in, except for the hair in the front. Hair strands are then attached to the braids, with needle and thread. Full Weave is a great method for those who want to protect their own hair, as the hair extension protects your hair from external influences. This particular service includes consultation, insertion, clipping and styling.


You can book your appointment Here or by calling 0764159000.


Full Weave is a suitable hair extension method for those who want to lengthen their hair in a natural and gentle way. This method allows the majority of your hair to be braided away. Hair strands are then attached to the braids using a needle and thread. The hair that is not braided in is then used to cover the braids, giving a beautiful and natural look. 

The Full Weave hair extension method lasts for about 2-3 months, before you need to come back for a return visit to do a reinstatement. If you use Luxury hair, you have the possibility to reuse the hair several times. Whichever hair you choose, it is important to use the right hair care products, to reduce the risk of wear and tear, or other damage. 


This package includes:
- Consultation
- Installation
- Clipping in (not a full haircut)
- Styling

Things to think about before your visit: 
- Come with freshly washed hair. Only washed with shampoo.


Do you need hair for your hair extension?

We sell real remy loose hair in the shop if you don't have your own. We have a guarantee on our hair as it is of the highest quality. Invest in a good hair, luxury hair and experience the difference.

**You can pay for our services in instalments

No later than 24 hours before, thereafter 50% will be charged regardless of the reason. Cancellations can be made by phone during our opening hours or via the cancellation link.
Note! SMS, Email or DM on social media are NOT accepted!


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You can make an appointment by calling 0764159000.


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