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Browlift is a semi-permanent treatment that enhances your own brows by lifting and shaping them using a chemical solution. This is perfect for those who want to freshen up their own brows, as it gives you the effect of a liftet, fuller, brushed browlook. This service also includes colour, which is perfect for those who are aiming for darker brows and a lift all in one.

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Browlift is a semi-pemanent treatment that straightens and lifts your brows, using a chemical solution. This chemical solution gives the hairs more flexibility, as the solution softens the hair follicle. This makes the hairs reshapeable so they can be moved to the desired shape. Browlift is perfect for those who want fuller brows and a more defined look, or for those who have gaps, or are a victim of over-plucking, as Browlift makes it easy to cover any areas and gaps.

First of all, the operator will wash your brows, as well as the brow area to ensure that the area is free of bacteria, make-up and oils. Then, a relaxing cream is applied to begin a reaction on disulfide bonds, which hold the protein chains in the hair strands together. This relaxer makes the hair strands pliable, as this softens the hair strands. It is possible to cover the brows with some plastic wrap to speed up the working process. The processtime varies, depending on the thickness of the hairs. The cream is then removed and a fixing cream is applied to reform the hairs and their protein chains. Now the hair is also brushed into its desired position. Once the fixing cream has taken effect, it is removed and a moisturising essence is applied, as well as a keratin conditioner treatment. It is also possible to colour the brows, if desired. After the treatment, the brows will have a "wet look" that disappears after washing. You can easily recreate the look with a serum, or eyebrow gel. The whole treatment takes 30 - 40 minutes.

This treatment lasts for up to 4 - 8 weeks depending on aftertreatment, growth cycle and age

Things to consider before your appointment:

DO NOT do Browlift if you have wounds, damaged skin, eczema, etc.
Avoid acids (AHA), retinol, and other exfoliating products at least 48h before treatment, as this can cause an undesirable skin reaction when it comes into contact with the chemical lamination solution.
Avoid waxing, tweezing and threading the brows before treatment.
Notify us of any allergies, if you have ultra-sensitive skin, and if you have previously relied on hair dye.
If you have just had microblading or other tattooing, we recommend waiting about 6-8 weeks before doing Browlift.

Things to consider after your appointment:

What you do after the treatment is important, as it takes time for the treatment to settle down and have its optimal effect. Therefore, always follow the care instructions provided by the practitioner.. You will receive information and guidelines on maintenance from your therapist. If this is not followed, there is a risk that durability will deteriorate. Some general guidelines are:

Avoid wetting your eyebrows 24 hours after treatment.
Avoid touching your eyebrows 24h after treatment.
Avoid wearing make-up 24h after treatment.
Avoid high heat, solarium, direct sunlight, sauna, etc. 48h after treatment.
Moisturize the brow area with moisturizing cream or oil.

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