KIS KeraSpray

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KIS KeraSpray is an aerosol spray with high durability that meets all styling standards. This spray gives a silky shine, volume and durability to all hairstyles without sticking or flaking. KeraSpray is also moisture repellent and easy to brush out.

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KIS Keraspray is a spray that gives a silky shine and volume to all hairstyles without feeling sticky, or flaking. KIS Keraspray is moisture repellent and is very easy to brush out. With its high hold factor, KIS Keraspray ensures that your hair stays in place.

Quantity: 75ml / 300 ml
Hold faktor: 7


Benefits of Keraspray:
KeraSpray has high durability, gives your hair silky shine and volume. It is non-sticky, moisture-repellent and easy to brush out.


How to use Keraspray:
1. Spray about 30 cm away from the hair.
2. Repeat for a stronger hold.
3. For a very dramatic effect: spray on the scalp while drying.



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More Information
Color White
Length Onesize
Structure Standard
Leverans Frakt 1-2 dagar
Kvalité & Hållbarhet Dryg salongsprodukt till bra pris som räcker länge
Garanti Garantiprodukt vårdande för ALLA hårtyper