Fair Melting Lace mousse tint

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Melting Lace mousse tint is a waterproof gentle natural formula that helps you match your lace to your skin tone, making it look more natural. Lace tint mousse dries quickly and leaves no residue. You can spray several layers to get the result you want.

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Fair Melting Lace mousse tint ger dig ett naturligt resultat och hjälper till att matcha din lace med din hudton. Du kan spraya flera lager av Lace tint mousse för att få det resultat du önskar. Moussen torkar snabbt och lämnar inga rester efter sig. Du kan använda Lace tint mousse tillsammans med hair edge brush för att fördela produkten jämnt.


Quantity: 100ml
Colour: Lightbrown, Mediumbrown, Darkbrown 


Benefits with Melting Lace mousse tint: 
Lace tint mousse is a product that matches your lace with your skin tone and gives you a more natural result. It contains natural ingredients that are gentle on your wig, is waterproof and leaves no residue.


How to use Melting Lace mousse tint:  
1. Shake the spray.
2. Hold the bottle 2-8 centimetres from your lace.
3. Spread the product evenly over the hairline.
4. Style with a brush.
5. Cut away excess lace (if not already cut)
6. Enjoy a natural result! (you can spray several layers of Lace tint mousse to get the result you want)


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Structure Standard
Leverans Frakt 1-2 dagar
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