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Luxury Straight Double Drawn Weft

Luxury Straight Double drawn Brazilian Weft Hair

Straight double drawn Brazilian weft hair of the highest quality, easy inserted and reusable many times!

With Fairwithhair Luxury Brazilian Weft hair extensions, you fulfill the dream of a full, glamorous and luxurious hair of the highest quality. Luxury tweft hair extensions is the hair for those who have high demands on quality and duration. Our hair extensions consist 100% genuine hair and only thin and fine hairs of the highest quality.

With our Luxury Weft hair, you get extra full results with maximum volume. Get your dream hairstyle without compromising on quality. Order your Luxury weft hair today, experience the feeling and the difference with good hair extensions you too!

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Luxury Straight Double Drawn Weft, Brazilian Hair Extensions

Luxury Straight double drawn Weft Hair, Brazilian hair extensions of the highest quality!

Luxury weft hair extension gives you a long and full-bodied hair, easily, quickly and in a gentle manner. Weft hair extensions are suitable for everyone, because it can be attached in many different ways. Our Weft hair can be reused many times because the hair extensions is made of 100% genuine hair, of the highest quality and and fine hairs. Fairwithhair Luxury hair can also be dyed, cut, styled and shaped into any hairstyle you desire.


Benefits of Luxury Straight Double Drawn Weft Hair Extensions:

Structure: Straight hair that can be curled and straightened

Quantity: 100 grams per weft

Quality: 100% Genuine hair, Remy hair that can be dyed and colored

Duration: Can be reused many times

Double Drawn: The hair has extra fully ends

Hair extension methods: Weaving, sewing lined, Bonding with glue, Micro rings, Clip-on set

Tip: You need about 1-2 pack for a whole hair extension and 3-4 pack for a very full hair extension


Many believe that our Fairwithhair Luxury Brazilian hair extensions is the best and most exclusive hair extensions available, that is why it is very popular hair extensions among those who have high demands where quality is important. The quality is so high that the hair can be bleached, dyed, flattened and styled as desired. The durability can be up to 1-2 years if well taken care of. Therefore, our Luxury hair extensions cost more than regular hair, but it pays off in the long run as the quality is superior, you can reuse your hair many times.


The difference between single drawn and double drawn hair:

Luxury Double Drawn hair extensions are the fullest hair extensions available. The difference between Single drawn and double drawn can be seen with the naked eye. Doubledrawn hair extensions may be tangled due to its fullness in the ends

Single drawn hair is thinner down and Double drawn much fuller. In a single drawn weft hair, the hair extensions contain different lengths of hair and Double drawn loose hair is cut both at the root and at the ends, which means that all hairs are in principle equally long. Our Luxury Brazilian Double drawn loose hair usually comes from a donor and thus has the highest quality.

Double drawn hair

Haircare for Luxury Hair Weft Hair: Use only recommended hair care products on your hair to ensure the best possible care and quality of your hair. We cannot guarantee the quality of hair extensions when using other products that may contain ingredients that are not compatible with hair extension.


Get your dream hairs without compromising on quality. Order your Luxury weft hair extensions today, experience the feeling and the difference with good hair extensions you too!

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Kvalité & Garanti SVENSKA: Äkta luxury hårträns löshår av brasilianskt löshår. Luxury hår är ett lyxlöshår med starka, mjuka och glänsande hårstrån. Vårt luxyry löshår är 100% äkta remy löshår, bästa löshåret på marknanden. Därför är luxury löshår populärt för de med krav på hög kvalité. Löshåret går att färga, platta, locka och styla precis som man vill, och garanterat trasselfritt. Hållbarheten på håret i original skick och god skötsel är upp till1- 2 år. ENGELSKA: Real luxury weft hair extensions of Brazilian hair extensions. Luxury hair is a luxury hair with strong, soft and shiny hairs. Our luxyry hair is 100% genuine remy hair, the best hair on the market. Therefore, luxury hair extensions is popular for those with high quality requirements. The hair can be colored, flat, attracted and styled just as you like, and guaranteed tangle free. The durability of the hair in original condition and good care is up to 1 - 2 years. NORSKA: Ekte luksus hår tress hår utvidelser av brasilianske hair extensions. Luksus hår er et luksuriøst hår med sterke, myke og skinnende hår. Vårt luxyry hår er 100% ekte remy hår, det beste håret på markedet. Derfor er luksus hårforlengelser populære for de med høye kvalitetskrav. Sakshåret kan være farget, flatt, tiltrukket og stylet akkurat slik du vil, og garantert tangle free. Hårets holdbarhet i original tilstand og god pleie er opptil 1 - 2 år. DANSKA: Ægte luksus hår tress hår forlængelser af brasilianske hair extensions. Luksus hår er et luksuriøst hår med stærke, bløde og skinnende hår. Vores luxyry hår er 100% ægte remy hår, det bedste hår på markedet. Derfor er luksus hårforlængelser populære for dem med høje kvalitetskrav. Saksens hår kan være farvet, fladt, tiltrukket og stylet, ligesom du vil, og garanteret tangle free. Hårets holdbarhed i original tilstand og god pleje er op til 1 - 2 år. FINSKA: Brasilian hiustenpidennysten todelliset ylelliset hiustenpidennykset. Ylellinen hiukset on ylelliset hiukset, joissa on vahvat, pehmeät ja kiiltävät hiukset. Meidän ylelliset hiuksemme on 100% aidot hiukset, parhaat hiukset markkinoilla. Siksi ylelliset hiustenpidennykset ovat suosittuja niille, joilla on korkeat laatuvaatimukset. Sakset hiukset voivat olla värillisiä, tasaisia, houkuttelevia ja tyylikkäitä, kuten haluat, ja taattu takku vapaa. Hiusten kestävyys alkuperäisessä kunnossa ja hyvä hoito on jopa 1-2 vuotta.
Structure Straight hair
Qyality Luxury
Private Product No
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