Fairwithhair Satin bonnet


It is important to protect your hair, while you are sleeping. Fairwithhair has the perfect solution for you - A hair bonnet!


Our hair bonnet protects your precious hair from damage, dryness and breakage. Not only that, they also help to preserve your hairstyle. So you can wake up looking fabulous hair with minimal effort.


" Fairwithhair satin bonnets keep your hair safe and healthy while you sleep. They are gentle to your hair and helps to reduce frizz and breakage "


Our hair bonnets are made of breathable materials like Mulberry silk and satin silk. They provide a snug fit to ensure optimal comfort. Giving you protection for your hair while you are sleeping.


"Satin bonnets are available in several models and colors so you can find perfect one for you"



What is a hair bonnet?

- A hair bonnet is a hair accessory, to be worn at night to protect your hair from damage caused by rough friction. It also helps keep moisture and keeps your scalp nourished.


What are the benefits of wearing a silk bonnet?

- Wearing a silk bonnet offers several unique benefits. They helps to keep moisture in the hair which keeps it from drying out or becoming brittle and frizzy.


How long will my silk bonnet last?

- Our silk bonnet can last at least 2-3 years depending on the quality of your bonnet and how you maintain it.


What is the difference between a silk bonnet and a satin bonnet?

- The difference between a silk bonnet and a satin bonnet is quite significant. Silk bonnets are made from natural fibers such as mulberry and tussah. This makes them soft. A luxury option. Satin bonnets are made from synthetic fibers, polyester or nylon. Which makes them smooth but not soft as silk. They tend to be less expensive than silk bonnets.


Can I wear my hair bonnet in the shower?

- No, wearing a hair bonnet in the shower is not recommended, exposing them to water can cause damage. The water can wear down the fibers making it more prone to wear and tear, discolored or stretched out of shape. For this reason, it's safest to stick with a waterproof shower cap while taking a bath or shower.


What are some of the best hair bonnets on the market?

- Mulberry bonnets are among the best silk bonnets on the market.


Fairweather's hair bonnets make protecting your hair at bedtime easy and stylish. Buy your Fair With Hair Silk Bonnet today!