Sew in Hair Extension method

Hair extension method: Sew in hair extension

Sewing in hair extensions is becoming a very popular hair extension method as more and more people, with different types of hair, discover the method. The hair extension is done so that you braid your own hair where you want to place the extra hair, and then sew on the hair extensions on the braid with the help of a thread.

 This method is the gentlest method and fits virtually all different textures and types of hair.

Benefits of Hair Extension Sewing in extra Hair: Sewing in hair extension is a very gentle method as no chemicals are used on your own hair and because your own hair is braided, it gets rested and is hardly exposed to any wear. You can use hairdryer, pliers, dye and blow dry hair without damaging the braids and bracket. The hair extension also looks very natural and often blends in well with your own hair.

Disadvantages of hair extension sew in extra hair: It may take time for the hair and hair extensions to dry after washing. It can also get shampoo residue in the braids that the hair extension is fastened on, so you should rinse thoroughly to avoid bad odours. It may even itch a little at first.