wig cap

When it comes to rocking a wig, having the right accessory is key!


A wig cap is a must-have accessory, a big part of wearing a wig. It helps to keep the wig in place, a comfortable barrier between your natural hair and the wig itself.


" The wig cap also helps to protect from damage caused by the constant friction and rubbing from the wig. It also helps absorb sweat and oils from you hair and scalp "


If you don't have any hair for any reason. The wig cap itself can keep the scalp warm and protected from friction and rubbing from the pillow. It will protect your scalp when you are sensitive.



Our wig caps are of breathable nylon. They come in onesize, that fits all because they are very flexible. And fit perfectly over your head and scalp without being too tight or uncomfortable.



What are the benefits of using a wig cap?

A wig cap makes wig-wearing more comfortable! A wig cap keeps your hair in place, and as a protective barrier to a sensitive scalp.


Can I wear a wig cap without a wig?

Yes you can weave a wig without a wig cap. It is a completely personal preference.


What is the best way to put on a wig cap?

The easiest way is to hold the front of the wig cap, to the front of your hair line.  Stretch the wig cap back over your head. Then put your hair under the cap from front to back. Always make sure that your wig cap is a little behind  your natural hair line.


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